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Written & Directed by Adébayo Bolaji

Design by Claire Auvache

Lighting by Amy Mae

Starring Adébayo Bolaji & Allyson Ava Brown



In Bed had its beginnings at the Questors Theatre, Ealing in September 2009. The play then starred Sharon Cherry Ballard and Adrian Decosta. At the time Bolaji was still developing the play, therefore, featured it for three days with four performances in order to get a sense of the plays 'rightfulness' on stage. Audiences responded positively and it played to sold-out houses. 


Five years later, In Bed found itself ready to be fully performed on stage at the London Theatre Workshop, starring Allyson Ava Brown and Adébayo Bolaji, with Bolaji directing too.


The play is about two friends, actors, who spend a night together to rehearse a play. This becomes secondary as the night progresses with the context of the space- the bedroom- playing a part in the dynamics between male and female. The play takes the audience through a real-time night of tension, laughter and sexuality.

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